Services for Entrepreneurs

  • If you are an entrepreneur with a great plan, but need assistance buffing up your presentation and expressing it in the best light, Polish My Business Plan can help. Polish My Business Plan can take your plan, website, or other presentation materials, and give it a professional English polish. With a team of professionals who are not just 'writers', but active in business with young companies, our staff will formulate the ideal wording for the face of your business. We work with entrepreneurs to effect the proper tone, correct grammar, decide what to include, and shape their presentations into proper professional structure. We can also enhance your message with Explainer videos, original website content, PowerPoints, or create your Executive Summary from scratch for you.

    Polish My Business Plan is a joint venture of TriState Ventures and RapidFire Consulting, Ltd. -- a boutique marketing firm of that helps startups "tell their story" through web copy, Explainer video, PowerPoint and other collateral. While various team members may participate in the process, each project is supervised by the principals:

    Jay Bailey, RapidFire's CEO, leverages his extensive experience in writing and editing for his own companies as well as for his clients. Jay frequently consults with VCs and other investors to keep tabs on trends, and to make sure that he can helps his clients create documents that match the expectations of the investor. Jay was previously the Director of Marketing and Communications for, and is today also a lecturer, columnist, blogger, and all-around Word Geek.

    Isaac Treitel, Director at TriState Ventures LLC, assists young companies with financing and growing their business as part of his routine. He has guided a broad spectrum of companies towards developing the materials they need to "present their case," communicating their uniqueness and value, and securing the funding they need.

    For more information, and to learn how we can help you improve your business plan, website, and other presentation materials, visit: