Information for Investors

Tri State Ventures is a NYC-based angel investor group that brings together high net worth accredited angel and institutional investors with exceptionally promising early stage entrepreneurial investment opportunities. TSV invests in opportunities in a wide range of industries including internet, social media, life sciences, technology, service, and consumer product industries. TSV meets once per month to review pre-screened investment opportunities, where entrepreneurs present their ideas to a panel of investors.

We believe angel investing provides investors an opportunity to leverage prior business experiences while having control over the time they dedicate to the investment process. Members are able to interact and invest with a sophisticated group of individuals who come from varying professional backgrounds. These intelligent and savvy businessmen and women are keen to see above market returns on their investments, all while sharing the common cause of supporting budding entrepreneurs.

  • Monthly Meeting Format

    Up to four pre-screened companies present to a panel of angel investors in a meeting room. Each presentation consists of ten minutes of PowerPoint and ten minutes of questions and answers.

    Due diligence is conducted by individually interested members, or a group can be formed based on the number of interested members after the presentation. Sometimes a deal lead steps forward and helps coordinate the due diligence activities. Due diligence consists of verifying representations by the entrepreneur, speaking with customers, reviewing agreements and patents (if any), checking references, backgrounds, etc.

    TSV members' terms of investment follow "standard" terms for financings developed over the years by VCs and other sophisticated investors. Typically, the minimum individual TSV member's investment amount is $5,000.

  • Investment Criteria

    TSV members invest in companies with the potential to rapidly scale into market and financial leadership. This usually implies potential for high growth, a strong market position, and a sustainable advantage. Specifically, members look for:

    • We prefer companies with valuations less than $1.5 million, but will invest in higher valuations as well.

    • A compelling, well articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share.

    • Proprietary technology or other strong barriers to entry.

    • Strong management (not necessarily a complete team) with relevant and successful experience.

    • An exit strategy for the investors.

    • A desire for advice and coaching.

  • Membership

    TSV members invest as individuals. All members have an opportunity to participate in any member-led investment. Members develop by getting involved in due diligence teams and mentoring companies. It is critical that they contribute their domain expertise and general experience to evaluation of potential transactions.

    TriState Ventures membership is limited to investors who qualify as "accredited investors" under Regulation D of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Accredited investors must certify that they have knowledge of and experience in financial and business matters and that they are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of prospective investments. All investors are encouraged to seek legal and other professional counsel prior to making any investments.

    Accredited, active investors can attend Tri State Ventures meetings at no charge. TSV does not charge membership fees for investors to attend meetings. As a result, you can attend our meetings with no financial commitments. Instead, investors pay a $1500 fee once per year, but only if you make an investment.

    If you are an accredited investor and are interested in more information about TSV membership, please fill out our registration form.

  • Legal Notice

    TriState Ventures has neither evaluated nor endorsed the merits of any companies or business plans presented through its services and makes no recommendations regarding the appropriateness of particular investment opportunities for particular investors. Potential investors must rely on their own judgment regarding the merits of a particular investment opportunity.

    It is expected that potential investors shall contact entrepreneurs directly, conduct their investigation of the facts submitted by individual entrepreneurs as needed to make an informed investment decision, and negotiate the terms of their investment.

    TriState Ventures does not make any independent investigations to verify the factual information submitted to potential investors by individual entrepreneurs. Hence, TriState Ventures makes no representations or warranties regarding the truth, accuracy, or completeness of the information provided by applicant entrepreneurs.

    A listing with TriState Ventures does not constitute an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, any investment interest in the business ventures of the listed entrepreneurs. Any sale or purchase of investment interest resulting from investors' use of TSV services is understood to be on a negotiated basis between the entrepreneur and the investor(s) without any participation by or remuneration to TriState Ventures.