About Tri State Ventures

  • Mission

    Tri State Ventures seeks to identify and invest in companies with high growth potential and which possess a protected proprietary position.

    Companies that Tri State Ventures (TSV) has funded in the past span a range of sectors including: Healthcare (drugs, medical devices, diagnostics ), Information Technology products and services (wireless, photonics, communications), Energy, and Consumer Products.

    We believe there is a significant lack of genuine "early-stage" funding sources for promising young companies, and we are dedicated to accelerating progress on entrepreneurs' truly great ideas, leapfrogging past the funding challenges they and their teams face.

  • History

    Founded in 1999, Tri State Ventures is a leading New York City-based investor group. TSV matches high net-worth accredited individuals and institutional investors with exceptionally promising early-stage capital opportunities. Our investment size typically spans between $50K and $5M.

    New York City has a talented entrepreneurial workforce, high concentration of educational institutions, and wide range of corporations, which combined yield a rich source of opportunity. Through our vast network of industry and academic relationships, TSV offers access to the latest industry trends and know-how. These relationships serve to generate deal flow as well as to provide intellectual capital for the entrepreneurs with whom we work.

  • Seed-Stage Funding

    Seed funding is most often confused with startup capital, but is actually only the first stage. It helps a business develop an idea, create the first product or offer the first service, and market the product for the first time. Companies that typically qualify for seed funding are generally so young that the key management team has not yet been assembled.

    When we see an opportunity, we know it -- and are not afraid to jump in. Unlike other purportedly early-stage investors, TSV does not shy away from getting involved from the start, and will invest as early as the Seed Stage, helping companies launch a new product or service.